8 June 15:00 - 17:00

Packaging for all the senses 

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are using all of your senses when making your decisions to like or dislike an experience. The same rule applies when your customers experiences your product, whether this is in the store shelve or when receiving the product after an online purchase. 

How does your secondary package smell like, how is the sensation when opening the secondary and then primary packaging? What are the sounds like when tearing opend the package, pleasent or unpleasant? What does it look like after opening the packages, like a mess and garbage or organised origami? Does taste play any role here? 

There are many aspects of how your product is perceived and what will ultimately affect the customers experience. Please join us for an afternoon with designers, scientist and packaging producers to understand what you can do to enhance your customer experience.

An Event by Packbridge and MiM (Marknadsföreningen i Malmö)!

All you need to know

The event will offer many opportunities for interaction and discussion, even during the presentations. Our goal  is that everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired and inspire. The day will end with a small workshop where we discuss the learnings and share our ideas. 

All information regarding our Events are in English to secure availability to all of our memebers. The Events on the other hand will be in Swedish if the audience are only Swedish, otherwise in English. 


MIM - Marknadsföreningen i Malmö

18730Marknadsföreningen i Malmö
(MiM) ska vara den ledande och mest inspirerande mötesplatsen inom både kommunikation och marknadsföring, i Sydvästra Skåne. Föreningen är ideell och grundades 1932.

MiM är idag ett av Sydsveriges största nätverk för människor som jobbar med information, marknadsföring, kommunikation, reklam etc, både inom företag och offentlig förvaltning.

Utifrån ledorden kvalitet, nytänkande och kompetensutveckling bidrar MiM till att ge
medlemmarna möjlighet att utbyta erfarenheter, höja sin professionalism och kompetens samt att knyta kontakter och umgås under trevliga former.

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Packbridge is an international packaging cluster established in 2010. We are a neutral and non-profit network uniting all stakeholders in and around the entire packaging industry, i.e. producers, customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. We believe in sustainability and cooperation. We believe that the key to success lies in sharing knowledge. 

Moreover, we believe that in order to create innovations one must think differently, dare to go beyond existing boarders, challenge the reality, meet new people and open up to new ideas. The best way to facilitate creativity is to bring people with different skills together.

Packbridge creates meeting places that give you opportunity to think in new ways, challenge yourself and push you forward. Bring your knowledge and we can go further together. Join us!